News 2012

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News 2012

Summary of 2012:

Izzie has had yet another great year in the show ring and on the lure coursing field. In April she won BOB and LC CC at the International LC trial in Trøgstad, Norway, where she also became the first Pharaoh Hound in Scandinavia to win Best In Field! She also won a Danish LC CC at the LC trial in Gilleleje in September.

She started out her show year by winning seven straight BOB wins in Norway, including the Norwegian Podenco Specialty where she also won BEST IN SHOW for the second year in a row! She was also awarded BOB at Oslo International KC Show the following day. These two shows had the biggest PH entries last year.

Izzie has had a wonderful year abroad as well; In April we travelled to Vaasa INT. KC Show, Finland, where Izzie won BOB with CC and CACIB, and became a Finnish and Nordic Champion under breed specialist Mr. Jarmo Vuorinen. She was also Group 4th at this show.

Izzie was also shown three times in Denmark last year, which resulted in 3 BOB wins. At Bornholm INT KC Show Izzie was BOB with CC and CACIB and became a Danish Champion under breed specialist Mrs. Annette Bystrup. She was alsp Group 4th at this show. A few weeks later we went to the Danish Sighthound Specialty in Nørresundby, where Izzie not only was BOB, but also BEST IN SHOW 3rd! Her third Danish show was at the Sighthound Specialty in Gilleleje, where Izzie was BOB and BEST IN SHOW under Mr. Miklos Levente from Hungary!


Izzie was Norway's #2 LC Sighthound of the Year 2012 and #1 Top Winning Pharaoh Hound in conformation (breed system!) and #2 KC System (she was only entered at three KC Shows which resulted in 3 BOB wins).



October 13th 2012, Hamar, Norway

This weekend we were accompanied by our Swedish friends Lisa & Savannah, who stayed at our place. On Saturday we went to Hamar International KC Show, which had 5 Pharaoh Hound entries. The judge was Mr. Kjell Lindström, Sweden, who chose Izzie as his BOB-winner! This was Izzie's 7th Norwegian show this year and her 7th BOB-win! Izzie was later shortlisted in the group (judge Mr. Terje Lindstrøm, Norway), but was not placed in the end. We would like to send a huge congrats to Lisa on Savannah's Norwegian champion title!


September 22nd-23rd 2012, Gilleleje, Denmark

We had been looking forward to this weekend in Denmark, where we were to meet great Pharaoh friends from several different countries. We had great company the entire weekend and lots of fun. Plus, the results weren't that bad either... Izzie was shown at the Danish Sighthound Specialty on Saturday, where she won Best Bitch with yet another Danish Club CC and BOB, in an entry of 10 PHs (2 babies, 1 puppy & 7 adult PHs)! I was very excited before the BIS-finale as Izzie showed off so beautifully and everything just felt 'right' this day... The judge chose his finalists, of which Izzie was one. We were asked to take some extra laps after which the judge started placing the finalists... Suddenly the only ones left were Izzie and a beautiful Afghan Hound. The judge sent us off for a final lap during which he handed over the BEST IN SHOW rosette to US!! Thanks to our friends for all the cheering and support ringside! And a special thanks to Josefin for taking photos! The breed and BIS-judge was Mr. Miklos Levente, Hungary.


BOS Ch. Antefa's Rekhmire "Simon" & BOB (and later BIS-1) Ch. Mesmerizing Made In Heaven "Izzie"


Izzie in front of the judge's table


Izzie showing off her movement


Izzie winning BIS-1!


On Sunday we participated at the national lure coursing trial in Gilleleje. Six Pharaoh Hounds competed and Izzie was on a third place after the first heat, but managed to climb up to second place after the final heat. Thus, Izzie was 2/6 with her first Danish lure coursing CC! We would like to send our congratulations to Iben & Xia, who was the best PH and a brand new LC Champion!


The Danish Sighthound Club has a special versatility award called "Smuk & Smidig", which goes to the dog in each breed that did best at the Sighthound Show and lure coursing trial combined. Izzie won this award in Pharaoh Hounds!


Izzie and her prizes from the LC trial. The big red rosette is for the "Smuk & Smidig" award.


September 15th 2012, Rogaland, Norway

This weekend we went on a lovely road trip with our friends Cornelia Undheim (kennel Blendverk) and Maria Brunell (kennel Dhoki Apso) to the West Coast of Norway and the International KC Show held in Orre, on the outskirts of Stavanger. 4 Pharaoh Hounds were shown under Mr. Andrew Beare, Ireland. Izzie won Best Bitch with CACIB and went on to win Best of Breed! This is Izzie's sixth Norwegian show this year and her sixth BOB win!


Izzie BOB & Group 3rd. Photo: Cornelia Sofie Undheim.

Izzie in the breed ring.


The group was judged by Mr. Christen Lang, Norway. Izzie showed beautifully as always and was placed as Group 3rd! Thanks to our dear friends at the show for all your support.


Izzie Group 3rd. Photo: Cornelia Sofie Undheim.

Izzie Group 3rd!


August 19th 2012 Oslo, Norway

Once again it was time for the International KC Show in Oslo, which is the second largest dog show of the year in Norway and also our Crufts qualifying show. We had a change of judge in Pharaohs and our new judge was Mr. Freddie Klindrup from Denmark. 10 Pharaoh Hounds were entered and Izzie repeated last year's success at this show and won Best of Breed! Izzie made the cut in the very strong group finale (she was among the top 6 dogs), but was not placed in the end, which was totally OK for us after a weekend like this! This was Izzie's fifth BOB win in Norway this year, out of five shows :)


August 18th 2012 Podenco Specialty, Gjerdrum, Norway

Izzie was shown at the Norwegian Podenco Specialty, which is our annual breed specialty for Pharaoh Hounds, Ibizan Hounds, Podenco Canarios, Cirnechi and Podengo portugues. Judge this year was Mr. Per-Kristian Andersen from Norway, who had a total of 53 entries, of which 14 were Pharaoh Hounds (11 adults and 3 puppies). Izzie won Best of Breed and was later BEST IN SHOW for the second year in a row!!! A big thank you goes to everyone who helped put this fantastic breed specialty together - well done! See you all next year!


July 29th 2012 Tammsvik/Skokloster, Sweden

Izzie was Best Bitch 2nd at the world renowned Skokloster Summer Show under Mr. Dana P. Cline, USA!


July 14-15th Nørresundby, Denmark

This weekend we went back to Denmark to attend a Sighthound Specialty Show and a lure coursing trial on the outskirts of Aalborg. On the harbour in Larvik we met up with the Norwegian lure coursing team and we had a great time on the ferry and ate lots of food at the buffet. We arrived to the showsite Friday night where we met our lovely Pharaoh Hound friends for some wine and lots of PH talk before we went to bed around midnight. Just a couple of days prior to this trip, I had bought a new "festival" tent - a cheap, small tent that I was going to sleep in since my student budget is kind of tight. It turned out the tent was not even waterproof (and it rained A LOT this weekend!), so the next night the Danish Sighthound Club people kindly offered me to sleep inside of their club house. A big thanks goes to the Danish Sighthound Club, which turned out to be a whole, big "family", for all their help this weekend, and a special thanks goes to dear Lise-Lotte who even offered to dry-clean my sleeping bag!


Saturday was a very rainy day... The Sighthound Specialty was judged by Sighthound breeder Mrs. Marliese Müller from Switzerland, 5 Pharaoh Hounds were shown and Izzie went Best Of Breed with a Danish Club CC (when a dog is already a Danish Champion, they can win Club CCs, and a dog needs four Club CCs in order to become a Danish Club Champion). Congrats to Annette on Simon's BOS and Theia's CC!


Fortunately, the rain stopped when it was time for the finales. Izzie showed off beautifully and it felt great that so many cheered for her! Among all the beautiful Sighthound winners, Izzie was placed BEST IN SHOW-3! Congrats to our friend Eva Kristine on her Azawakh's BIS-2! A great day for Team Norway :)


Izzie BIS-3! Photo: Lise Lotte Knudsen

Izzie Best In Show 3. Photo by Lise-Lotte Knudsen


On Sunday the weather was much better. 6 Pharaoh Hounds participated at the lure coursing trial. Despite technical problems on the field, a great time was had by all. Uther placed 2/6 with his first Danish LC CC! Congratulations to his owners & breeders Annica Lundqvist-Hemström & Monica Lundqvist! Izzie ended up as 5/6. Huge congratulations to dear Iben and her Xia (Vaskurs Onyxia Qiwidotter) on the win and the CC, and to Peter & Lotte on Tanya's 3rd place and their whippet who also did great!


Uther on the field!


On Monday we spent the day in Flamsted where we visited Annette at kennel Nofretete. We had a great day filled with Pharaoh Hound discussions and lots of old photos. Thanks, Annette, for your hospitality, and thanks to all for a super weekend!


July 1st 2012 Bornholm, Denmark

My friend Adriane and I went on a mini vacation to the beautiful island of Bornholm in Denmark. On Sunday July 1st the very first International KC Show was held on Bornholm, and what a show it was! It was so well-organised, the parking was FREE (!), the rings were spacious and there was plenty of room around the rings as well - and on top of it all - the sun was shining all day long :)


The Pharaoh Hounds were judged by breed specialist Mrs. Annette Bystrup, knl Nofretete, Denmark. Antefa's Uther "Utter-tutter-boy" was Best Male with CC and CACIB, thus became a new Danish Champion!


Uther on Bornholm. Photo: Adriane Andersen

Uther is now a Danish Champion!


Izzie was Best Bitch, also with CC and CACIB, gaining her Danish Champion title - she now is a champion in all Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland). Izzie was also Best of Breed and Uther was BOS - thanks, Adriane, for showing sweet Uther in the BOB-finale.


Izzie BOB and Uther BOS


The main ring was big so that even the bigger dogs could show off their movement and the finales were quite spectacular altogether. The speaker was very entertaining and the audience ringside were all cheering for their favorites and the atmosphere was so cheerful! In addition, the show organizers played so many catchy songs, which truly set an excellent mood for the finales.


Group 5 was judged by Mrs. Hanne Laine Jensen from Denmark, who placed Izzie as Group 4th! A very nice end to a wonderful day :)


Izzie BIG-4. Photo: Adriane Andersen

Izzie Group 4th!


June 17th 2012 Sandefjord, Norway

Izzie was shown at Sandefjord '50 Year Anniversary' Nat. All Breed Show and won Best of Breed under Mr. Alberto Berrios, USA. Our newly arrived Swedish guest, Ch. Antefa's Uther, won BOS and his first Norwegian CC. Congrats Annica & Monica at Antefa's!


Izzie went on to win GROUP 1st under Mrs. Maja Korosec, Slovenia! The Best In Show finale was judged by Mr. Alan Bennett, Canada, who placed Izzie as BEST IN SHOW 2nd!!!




May 19th 2012 Health results!

Izzie's knees 0/0 (excellent) all healthy!


April 28-29th 2012 Norway

On Saturday April 28th we went to a National All Breed Show in Letohallen, just outside of Oslo. Izzie won Best Bitch & Best Of Breed under Sighthound specialist Mrs. Eli-Marie Klepp from Norway!


On Sunday we went to Mansrud Gård in Trøgstad to attend the International Lure Coursing "Spring" Trial "Vårprøven 2012". 4 Pharaohs and a total of 66 Sighthounds were entered this day. The judges were Heike Schwarz and Frank Schmidt from Germany. The weather was impeccable all day long and we enjoyed every second in the company of great friends.


I like the trials held at this location for several reasons... Firstly, the terrain on the fields is super as it really tests the dogs' stamina. Secondly, the Norwegian LC Committee always does a great job arranging trials - they are all so hard-working and efficient, and the atmosphere among the people is always wonderful. Thirdly, the area where the lure coursing trial is held is absolutely breathtaking.... A typical Norwegian countryside with farms, horses, huge green fields, trees, flowers, and on top of this: a clear blue sky and sunshine all day long. A real taste of summer... We went for some long walks in these beautiful surroundings before and after the heats, and to Izzie's great joy, she spotted a handful of butterflies during the day which she tried to catch... Nice warm-up in other words :-)


Izzie's first heat was together with Akilles, Illostras Angel On Your Shoulder. This was their first time running together and they did a good job on the field! As it turned out, the Pharaohs had the best pointscores of all the breeds from heat 1, and Izzie was in the lead with astonishing 94 points (max 100)!


Izzie in blue and Akilles in red...




Izzie ran together with Pharin, Illostras Angel Of Your Dreams, during heat 2. They both got a great start and were very even the first hundred meters or so, running side by side.



Pharin in red and Izzie in blue. So syncronized :)


It turned out Izzie earned 94 points in her second heat as well, givin her a total of 94 points, which gave her BEST OF BREED and her third Norwegian lure coursing CC! And as if that was not enough... Izzie's 94 points were also the highest pointscore of the day, which means that Izzie won...




She made breed history, becoming the first Pharaoh Hound to win a Best In Field in Scandinavia. Well done, Izzie!!!


Thanks to all the lovely people at the trial for making this day so memorable! It was a day that I will cherish for a looooong time!


April 14th 2012 Vaasa, Finland

Izzie was shown at Vaasa International KC Show in Finland. 10 Pharaoh Hounds were shown under breed specialist Mr. Jarmo Vuorinen, Finland. Izzie won Best Bitch with CC and CACIB, which made her a Finnish and Nordic Champion! She was later Best of Breed as well! In the group finales she was placed as Group 4th under Mr. Kurt Nilsson, Sweden, in a very big group. A travel report to come :)


Izzie. Photo: Ann Moring

Izzie in front of the judge and the two judge's students.


BOS Sawhorse's Party All Night & BOB Mesmerizing Made In Heaven. Photo: Tanja Paananen

BOS Sawhorse's Party All Night & BOB Mesmerizing Made In Heaven. Both new Finnish champions! Photo by Tanja Paananen - thank you!


Izzie Group 4th! Photo: Ann Moring

Izzie Group 4th! Photo by proud breeder Ann Moring :)



April 1st 2012

GREAT news! Izzie ended up as #8 Lure Coursing SIGHTHOUND of the Year2011!!! This is the very first time a Pharaoh Hound has managed to place in the TOP 10 in Norway, among all the other great Sighthound breeds! In 2011's TOP 10 there are mainly Whippets and Salukis (and one Italian Greyhound) and IZZIE the Pharaoh Hound!


Photo: Simon Tien Hansen


March 25th 2012

Izzie went to her first lure coursing practice of the year. Sunny weather, great friends and very happy dogs! Here are some photos from the practice:


Photo: Simon Tien Hansen

Izzie got to run twice - first solo...


And then with a Saluki who did a test run (and passed!)


They ran so beautifully together!


March 6th 2012

Happy 3rd birthday, Izzie!!!

Izzie would like to send birthday greetings to her dear littermates: Mio, Kairo, Kendi, Meni, Peni, Elvis, Bianca, Mery and Peppi - have a happy birthday!


Photo: Simon Tien Hansen

As you all can see, Izzie has a very hard life... :)


February 12th 2012, Oslo, Norway


Izzie attended her first show of the year and she did really good!

She was shown at the National All Breed Show in Letohallen, just outside of Oslo, and won BEST OF BREED under Sighthound Specialist Mrs Bjørg Foss, Norway! The judge even remembered Izzie from 2009 when she put her up to Best Puppy In Show at the Norwegian Podenco Specialty, when Izzie was only a 5-month-old puppy :-)

In the group finales, Izzie went on to win GROUP 2nd under Mr. Juan Alberto Grillo, Colombia. Well done, Izzie! A great way to start the year!


Photo: Ingvild Stenby Langhelle


December 30th 2011




Izzie Pharaoh Hound of the Year 2011!


Izzie is TOP WINNING PHARAOH HOUND 2011 - both in conformation (breed club system) and lure coursing!!! What a great year it has been! Thanks to all our friends for your continued support. Next year we will do some shows and LC, and most importantly, Izzie will have her first litter!


We want to wish all our friends a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!