News 2010

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News 2010

December 19th, Stockholm, Sweden

Izzie and I took the train to Sweden to spend a weekend with our great Swedish friends and to participate at "Stora Stockholm", which was not only the last show of the year in Sweden, but also the biggest one! About 6500 dogs entered of which 22 were Pharaoh Hounds. Mrs. Patricia Trotter from the USA had the honour to judge our breed and to my great joy she picked Izzie as Best Bitch with CC & CACIB and finally BOS! This win qualified Izzie for Crufts 2011. Congrats to Jenny on Qiwi's BOB and groupwin!

BOB & new CH Faouziah's Faramir & BOS Mesmerizing Made In Heaven

October 30th-31st, Oslo, Norway

This weekend we went to a double national all breed show just outside of Oslo. On Saturday Mrs. Brenda Banbury from Great Britain judged the Pharaoh Hounds and she chose Izzie for Best Bitch with the CC! She ended up as BOS. On Sunday Izzie was placed as Best Bitch 2nd by judge Mrs. Brit Schöne Brodwall from Norway. Congrats to Henrik on Debra's BOS!

October 9th, Hamar, Norway

Six Pharaoh Hounds were shown at this International KC Show in Hamar. Mrs. Elisabet Janzon from Sweden judged the breed this day. Izzie won Best Bitch with CC and CACIB and in the exciting BOB competition she showed beautifully and won BOB! Thanks to all my friends at ringside for your enormous support and cheering!

September 19th, Hultsfred, Sweden

This weekend we took the train to Stockholm where we were picked up by my dear friend Annica Lundqvist-Hemström. We drove down to Hultsfred where there was a lure coursing trial on Sunday. Eleven Pharaoh Hounds were entered, but "only" eight competed. This was Izzie's first LC-trial in Sweden, and second ever, with her fresh running license. After a super first run, Izzie was in the lead by 3,5 points. My Norwegian whippet friends told me that Izzie would win for sure, so naturally I thought that they had jinxed it and that she couldn't possibly win! But... No need for jinx superstition - Izzie did a great second run and won the breed by 1,25 points, ending up with 77,25 points and gaining her first Swedish LC CC! Thanks to Annica, Emelie, Eva and Pia for a great day! No matter how it goes resultwise at LC, it's good to know that the dogs are having a blast no matter what pointscore they get, and the owners have lots of time to enjoy each other's company... and to do a successful photoshoot in beautiful surroundings!!!

Izzie - a keen hunter

September 11th, Trøgstad, Norway

This weekend it was finally time for Izzie's first LC-trial! I was very excited to see how she would do. There were only two Pharaoh Hounds, Izzie and Antefa's Rakelh. The start of Izzie's first run wasn't that successful as there was a hidden lure so naturally Izzie didn't see it and it was her first time. She instinctively followed the sound of the machine and was frustrated as there was no lure there. She didn't give up (good girl!) and spotted the lure far down on the field where Rakelh was (very good girl!) and she finished the run beautifully. Naturally I was very curious to see what Izzie would do during the start of the second run... She now knew what to do and both of the girls ran so beautifuly together. Izzie finished 2nd. Congrats to Oddis on Rakelh's BOB and Norwegian LC championship!

It went fast once she spotted the lure!

August 21st, Gjerdrum, Norway

The Norwegian Podenco Specialty, which is a breed specialty for Cirnechi, Ibizan Hounds, Podengo portugues and Pharaoh Hounds, was held this day and the Podenco club had invited Mr. Per-Erik Wallin from Sweden to judge the show. I always have such a great time at this specialty that it has become a "highlight" of the Summer shows. Mr. Wallin awarded Izzie the bitch CC and placed her as Best Bitch and BOS. He invited her to compete in the Best Head & Expression competition, which she won! Izzie was also invited to compete in Best Movement.

Best Movement competition

August 7th, Oslo, Norway

At the all breed show in Exporama, Hellerud, just outside of Oslo, Izzie was BOS with CC under Mrs. Brit Schöne Brodwall, Norway.

July 31st-August 1st, Lövudden/Västerås, Sweden

On Saturday Mr. Stephen Wheeler had the honour to judge the Swedish Pharaoh Hound Club's official Specialty, "Stora Specialen". Two puppies, 14 males and 18 bitches were shown. The competition was tough and Izzie ended up on a strong Best Bitch 4th placement from Intermediate class! Izzie was also invited to compete in Best Movement and was one of the four finalists. Emelie Andersson showed Izzie and her uncle Goliat (Ch. Siphra's Pied Piper) in the best brace competition. This couple move so beautifully together and totally in sync. They won Best Brace for the second time this year (at both Swedish PH Club Specialties).

Congrats to Annica on Dehra's third (!) SBIS and Majan on Roger's SBOS!

Photos from the Specialty can be seen here.

Goliat (closest) & Izzie moving beautifully together...

On Sunday the Swedish Sighthound Club held its annual Sighthound Summer Show, earlier called The Skokloster Show. Mr. Manfred Langer from Germany judged the big Pharaoh entry. Izzie was placed 2nd in Intermediate class with CK. Congrats to Masha on Harry's BOB and impressive BIS-3 placement and Majan on Päshis' BOS!

July 25th, Våler, Norway

At this allbreed show Izzie was BOB with CC under Mr. Auguste De Wilde from Belgium and later Group 2nd under Mrs. Chantal Mery from France!

July 4th, Trondheim, Norway

16-month-old Izzie won her first CACIB at the International KC Show in Trondheim under Mr. Torbjörn Skaar from Sweden. She also won the bitch CC and was BOS.

Izzie winning CC, CACIB and BOS in Trondheim

June 26th, WORLD DOG SHOW 2010, Denmark

I had been longing and waiting for this show for a looong time. Unfortunately, my car broke down just a few weeks before the show, so at one point I wasn't sure whether or not we would make it to Denmark. Luckily, I have some great friends that are always there for me in times of need. We took the train from Oslo to Gothenburg, Sweden on Thursday. From there we took a new train to Alingsås where we met Annica, Eva, Malin and Monica & all the dogs and spent the night. It was nice to see so many Swedes celebrating Midsummer! :) The next morning we took the ferry from Gothenburg to Denmark.

     On Saturday it was time for the Pharaoh Hound judging. The show was held in Herning, DK. The rings were big, with good carpets and there was a lot of space around the rings where we could warm up the dogs. Breed specialist Mrs. Annette Bystrup from Denmark judged the 57 entered Pharaoh Hounds. Sadly, there were no written critiques at the World Dog Show, so it was a good thing that Mrs. Bystrup gave us an oral critique, explaining what she liked and didn't like about the dogs and giving reason to her judging. The show was very well organized!

I had lots to do as I was showing four Pharaohs that day. Izzie was entered in the huge junior class bitches with dogs from all over Europe. Izzie got the award Excellent. The judge made it very exciting for us and we had to do many laps and up-and-downs. In the end, Izzie stood as the class winner, gaining the title JUNIOR WORLD WINNER 2010!

What a day and what a trip!

     I also handled Ch. Enigma Leading Story "Morgan" to Best Veteran Male, so he got the title World Veteran Winner 2010. Congrats Lill, Sofie and Madelene! I'm also sending a huge congratulations to dear Masha & Dasha whose Pharuz won Best of Breed and to Annica, Monica and Helene on Dehra's BOS & WW-title! Thanks to everyone for making this trip so memorable. Special thanks to Lotte & Peter Bjørnsen for the dinner!

Simon & Annica with JWW-10 Mesmerizing Made In Heaven & WW-10 Chassellis Dehra Ta'Ziffa

June 12-13th, Tånga Hed, Sweden

This weekend the Swedish Sighthound Club held its annual Sighthound Specialty in Tånga Hed. Mrs. Barbara Ruth Smith from Sweden/USA judged the Pharaoh Hounds. She really liked Izzie and awarded her the Sighthound CC and placed her as Best Bitch 2nd. Izzie was also BOB Intermediate. In the finales Izzie went all the way to Best In Show Intermediate under Mr. Frederic Maison, France! Congrats to Emelie Andersson and Eva Olofsson on Goliat and Taika's BOB & BOS!!!

On Sunday the Swedish Pharaoh Hound Club held its annual Pharaoh Hound Specialty on the same showsite. Mrs. Edith Hanson from the USA had the honour to judge our Specialty. Izzie started out by winning Intermediate class bitches. She also got invited to compete both in Best Movement and Best Head and Expression. Then she went on to win Best Bitch! Finally, she was awarded BOS. Congrats to Jenny & Jocke on Qiwi's BOB!

SBIS Faouziah's Faramir & SBOS Mesmerizing Made In Heaven

Emelie and I decided to enter Izzie and her uncle Siphra's Pied Piper "Goliat" in the best brace competition. And I am sooo glad that we did! They were absolutely gorgeous on the move together, moving totally in sync. And I am so glad I have lots of photos to prove it! They won Best Brace!

Emelie showing Goliat and Izzie in the brace competition

Goliat and Izzie looking like a four-legged dog with two heads and two tails

Thank you all for the lovely weekend in Tånga Hed. A special thanks to Lotta Engström Sundberg for all your help this weekend!

May 29th, Österbybruk, Sweden

Mrs. Birgitta Svarstad from Sweden judged the Pharaohs at this International KC Show just outside of beautiful Uppsala. Izzie won her first Swedish CC at this show and was placed as Best Bitch 2nd from junior class! Congrats to Jenny on Qiwi's BOB and Sofie on Inez' BOS win!

Izzie in Österbybruk

April 24th, Stange, Norway

Izzie won Best Bitch & BOS with CC at the national allbreed show in Stange under Mrs. Rita Trainin from Israel.

April 17th, Bergen, Norway

Izzie won BOB with CC at the International KC Show in Bergen under Mr. Leif-Herman Wilberg from Norway!

February 13th, Oslo, Norway

At the national allbreed show in Letohallen, just outside of Oslo, Izzie was BOB with CC from junior class under Mr. Leif Ragnar Hjorth, Norway.

January 30th-31st, Oslo, Norway

There was a double allbreed show in Exporama this weekend. Izzie won BOB with CC on Saturday under Mr. Terry Nethercott from Great Britain. On Sunday she was placed BOB with CC and later Group 3rd (from junior class!) under Mrs. Birgitta Svarstad, Sweden.

BOB and CC from junior class

January 16-17th, Oslo, Norway

Mr. Denis Kuzelj from Slovenia/Bulgaria awarded Izzie with BOB and CC on the first day of the double national allbreed show held just outside of Oslo. On the second day Mr. Antonio Di Lorenzo from Italy put Izzie up for BOB & CC. In the group finale Mr. Boo Lundström from Sweden placed Izzie on a Group 2nd placement! This was her second show in official classes!