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News 2011

December 30th 2011




Izzie Pharaoh Hound of the Year 2011!


Izzie is TOP WINNING PHARAOH HOUND 2011 - both in conformation (breed club system) and lure coursing!!! What a great year it has been! Thanks to all our friends for your continued support. Next year we will do some shows and LC, and most importantly, Izzie will have her first litter!


We want to wish all our friends a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!


October 1st 2011

I have received a letter from the F.C.I. with the confirmation of Izzie's International Champion title (C.I.B.)! As she won CACIB at the World Dog Show in Paris she was also got qualified for the FCI Centenary World Champion of Champions which will be held in Brussels in November.


Confirmation from the F.C.I.


August 21st 2011, Gjerdrum, Norway

It was finally time for the highlight of the summer - the Norwegian Podenco Specialty - which is our annual 'combined' specialty for Pharaoh Hounds, Ibizan Hounds, Cirneco dell'Etna and Podengo Portugues. There were 10 Pharaoh Hound entries and 40+ entries in total.


Invited to judge this year's specialty was Pharaoh Hound specialist Mr. Jarmo Vuorinen, knl Scheik's, Finland. Izzie won champion class bitches and was later placed as Best Bitch! Best male with CC was Izzie's future husband - Antefa's Ultimatum 'Jum Jum' - who was in Norway for the first time. In the BOB competition Izzie won Best of Breed and Jum Jum was BOS! Congratulations to Eva and Emelie on your wonderful results at this show!


In the evening it was time for the BIS-finale with all the BOB winners, and Izzie went all the way to BEST IN SHOW!!! This is her first Specialty Best In Show (SBIS) after having won no less than three Specialty BOS (twice in Sweden and once in Norway). This was also a very special win because she won Best In Show puppy at this show two years ago, when she was only five months old. Thanks to all my friends at this show for making this day so wonderful! See you all again next year!


Ch. SBIS Mesmerizing Made In Heaven. Photo: Emelie Andersson.

C.I.B. & N Ch & SE Ch & FR Ch JWW-10 FRW-11 WW-11 ECCW-11 SBIS Mesmerizing Made In Heaven BIS under Mr. Jarmo Vuorinen


August 20th 2011, Oslo, Norway

This day we went to the International KC Show in Oslo with 3300+ entries. This is one of the biggest shows in Norway each year and no less than eight Pharaoh Hounds were shown, which is a very big entry for this country.

Mrs. Saija Juutilainen from Finland judged our breed and she chose Izzie as Best Bitch and Best of Breed with CACIB! This win qualified Izzie for Crufts 2012!


Ch. Mesmerizing Made In Heaven BOB & CACIB at Oslo INT 2011. Photo: Adriane Andersen.

Izzie Best of Breed at Oslo INT under Mrs. Saija Juutilainen


August 6-7th 2011, Nesbyen, Norway

This weekend we went to a double national all breed show, the so-called  'Hallingdalutstillingen', in the beautiful Norwegian mountains. On Saturday there were four entered Pharaoh Hounds under Mrs. Luane Williams from the USA. Izzie was Best Bitch and Best of Breed! In the group finale Mr. Stelios Makaritis from Greece placed Izzie as Group 3rd!


On Sunday there were three entered Pharaoh Hounds under Mrs. Mona Selbach from Norway. Izzie was Best Bitch and Best of Breed! Izzie was later Group 3rd under Mr. Per-Kristian Andersen from Norway! A big thank you to my wonderful friends at the show for your support and nice company!


Photo: Jeanette Strand

Izzie Best of Breed under Mrs. Luane Williams, USA


July 30th 2011, Moss, Norway

At this national all breed show Izzie won Best of Breed under Mr. Leif-Herman Wilberg, Norway. She later won GROUP 1st under Mrs. Soile Bister from Finland! This was Izzie's first BIG-1 as an adult! We went back on Sunday for the Best In Show finale, but Izzie wasn't placed. Huge congratulations to our friends who did so well at this show!


July 23-27th 2011, Sweden

On Saturday July 23rd there was an International KC Show in Köping, Sweden. 19 Pharaoh Hounds were entered under Mrs. Barbara Ruth Smith, Sweden/USA. Izzie was won the champion class and was later Best Bitch with CACIB! She was eventually BOS.


On Sunday we went to Västerås to participate at the Swedish Pharaoh Hound Specialty 'Stora Specialen 2011', which was unofficial this year. Even though this was an unofficial specialty, there were 35 entries! Invited to judge this specialty was breeder judge Ms. Sofie Lönn, Sweden. Izzie was second in champion class and later Best Bitch 4th! She was also invited to compete in Best Movement, as the only bitch, and was among the three finalists. Photos from this specialty can be seen here.


Ch. Mesmerizing Made In Heaven. Photo: Lars Hansson

Izzie on the move at Stora Specialen!


The next day it was time for the annual Skokloster Summer Show, at the same showgrounds as the PH Specialty. There was a change of judge a couple of days before the show, and our new judge was Mr. Espen Engh, Norway. There were 28 entered Pharaoh Hounds to this show. Izzie was placed as Best Bitch 4th once again, in good competition. This turned out to be a very special day for our breed, as Ch. Farao Anubis Golden Gait won Best In Show, as the first PH in history to do so, at Skokloster! Huge congratulations to Majan on a great achievement!


On Wednesday we went to the first Swedish Pharaoh Hound Derby in history, which took place at the International LC-trial in Norberg. In more than 30 degrees C we had a lovely day in great company and the dogs did their best on the field, despite the heat. Izzie was placed 3rd with 84 points, only 0,75 points behind the winner and 0,25 points behind the 2nd place. Thanks to everyone for a fantastic day! And congratulations to our friends Eva Olofsson & Emelie Andersson on Taika's win, and to Pia Hedman on Ace's LC CC! Well done!


July 16th 2011, Oirschot, Holland

Emelie Andersson and I went to Holland to participate at the European Lure Coursing Championship 2011. 12 Pharaoh Hounds from 8 different countries competed. Approximately 700 Sighthounds were entered to this enormous event. Izzie represented Norway and made us all very proud!


The first course was over 1000 meters long with two obstacles that the dogs could either jump over or they could run on the side. Izzie ran together with Sawhorse's Party Beast from Finland, and together they ran an amazing course. They were so even and co-operated so wonderfully on the field. They even jumped over the last obstacle at the same time, side by side. It was nothing but breathtaking and people cheered! I got goosebumps. The audience applauded them as they crossed the 'finish line'. What a team they made on the field.


There were a total a three fields at this championship, and each breed ran two different fields. Each field had three judges, so a total of six judges critiqued each dog. Izzie was in lead after the first heat (255 points) and the Sawhorse's bitch was 2nd, so they got to run the second course together as well. The second course was also over 1000 meters long and once again they ran beautifully together. Izzie earned 273 (!!!) points in the second heat, which means that she received an average pointscore of 91 points per judge! One of the judges gave her 94 points.


With a total of 528 points, Izzie defeated the other Pharaoh Hounds and won BOB and the title European Coursing Champion 2011!!!


A big thank you to Ad and Anneke Kemmeren from Holland who threw a wonderful 'Bitterballen & Frikandellen PH Party' on Friday, and to all other Pharaoh participants for lovely company. Thanks to the Norwegian LC team for all your support and the lovely dinners!


On our way back to Sweden we made a stop in Denmark to visit our PH friends for a 'PH video night' - thank you so much Peter & Lotte for your wonderful hospitality and thank you Annette for driving all the way to meet us. Last but not least, thank you, Pia, for lending us your car and thank you Emelie for a wonderful trip! More photos to come!


Photo: Emelie Andersson

Izzie - new World Winner 2011 & European Coursing Champion 2011 in just eight days!


July 8-9th 2011, Paris, France

We have been to Paris, France to participate at the World Dog Show and the French Championship 2011. And what a trip!!!


On Friday July 8th the French Championship Show was held, the so-called "Championnat de France". This show and the World Dog Show were held from Thursday throughout Sunday, at the same showgrounds - the "Parc des Expositions" close to the Charles de Gaulle airport.  32 Pharaoh Hounds were entered under Mr. Harri Lehkonen from Finland. Izzie won Open Class and later the bitch CAC as well! At this show the judge only picks out a BOB, not a BOS, and there are a lot of dogs competing in the BOB-competition: BOB-junior, BOB-veteran, dog CAC-winner, bitch CAC-winner (Izzie), winner of champion class males and the winner of champion class bitches. The BOB went to the champion male.


On Saturday it was time for the World Dog Show 2011 for group 5. Mrs. Vija Klucniece from Latvia had the honour to judge the 42 entered Pharaoh Hounds. To my great joy and surprise she picked Izzie as the winner of Open Class! In the CAC-competition between Izzie and the intermediate class winner, Izzie was chosen as the winner, which means that Izzie now can be titled French Winner 2011, and a French Champion given that the Secretary at the show has informed me correctly. Normally a dog needs 4 CACs in order to become a French champion, but the French KC/FCI changed the rules for this very special occasion, as it also is a FCI centenary year, so if a dog is awarded the CAC at both the French Championship Show and the World Dog Show, it is awarded the French Champion title. We'll see if I'll receive the champion confirmation from the French KC...


Later Izzie also won the bitch CACIB which made her an INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION, now known as C.I.B. (C.I.B. = Championnat International de Beauté) and a WORLD WINNER 2011!!! I am so proud of this dog! It was just one year ago that she won the Junior World Winner title in Denmark, and now she got the 'big one'. She finished her international champion title at 2 years and 4 months, which is more than I could ever have hoped for. Well done, Izzie - I am so proud of you!


New World Wnner, C.I.B. & French Champion - Mesmerizing Made In Heaven. Photo: Adriane Andersen.

C.I.B. N SE FR CH JWW-10 FRW-10 WW-11 Mesmerizing Made In Heaven


Thanks to everyone who has supported and congratulated us! And a big thank you to all the wonderful Pharaoh Hound people at the shows for great company! It was a pleasure meeting you all! Last, but not least, a huge congratulations to all the other winners! More photos to come!


May 28th 2011, Nannestad, Norway

This weekend it was time for the second Norwegian lure coursing trial of the year and it was held in Nannestad, just about an hour outside of Oslo. On Friday our Swedish PH guests arrived and as always it was a late night with a lot of PH talk, which is always so much fun! We had to wake up early Saturday morning as check-in was at 7:30 am. The course was quite difficult with a hidden lure, a lot of sharp turns and on top of that, it went downhill and was very steep.


Izzie was very enthusiastic as always and I think everyone at the trial could hear her barking :) She ran two good heats and got a total point score of 76,5 points, which made her Best of Breed with another LC CC!


Photo: Cam Bjerke

NO SE CH JWW-10 Mesmerizing Made In Heaven. Photo: Cam Bjerke.


May 15th 2011, Lilla Specialen, Ljungbyhed, Sweden

Izzie was shown at the official Swedish Pharaoh Hound Specialty, this time held in Ljungbyhed in the south of Sweden. One puppy, 14 males and 11 bitches were entered under Sighthound specialist Mrs. Eli-Marie Klepp from Norway. Izzie started her champion class career in style by winning Best Bitch in a nice lineup of bitches. She was also invited to compete in Best Head & Expression and she was the only bitch invited to compete in Best Movement. Emelie Andersson did a great job showing Izzie and her uncle Ch. Siphra's Pied Piper "Goliat" in the brace class, and for the third time in a row they won Best Brace at the Swedish PH Specialty!


At the end of the day it was time for the exciting BIS-finale between Izzie and the male winner, Ch. Faouziah's Faramir. The judge had us running six (!) laps around the ring before she could make up her mind and the excitiement was at its high... Izzie ended up as BOS. Congrats to Jenny on Qiwi's SBIS! This was actually a repeat of last year's Lilla Specialen, but then they were both youngsters...


Photo: Anders Paulsson

Izzie winning her third Specialty BOS!


Photo: Jessica Snäcka

SBIS Ch. Faouziah's Faramir & SBOS Ch. Mesmerizing Made In Heaven

photo: Jessica Snäcka


Photo: Simon Tien Hansen

Izzie and Goliat Best Brace!


A big thank you to all wonderful Pharaoh people for a fun weekend! A very special thanks to my friend Lotta Sundberg of Illostras Pharaohsfor helping me out in a time of need. Two days before the show my car broke down, so I thought I had to stay home, but Lotta and her husband, Peter, kindly offered to squeeze Izzie and me in their car from Gothenburg to Ljungbyhed, so Iz and I took the train down to Gothenburg on Friday after work and we got to the Specialty :)


I have made an album with my photos from the PH Specialty. The photos can be seen here.


May 7th 2011, Lidköping, Sweden

This weekend it was time for our first Swedish show trip of the year. Izzie was shown at the national all breed KC show in Lidköping, Sweden. 11 Pharaoh Hounds were entered under Mrs. Marie Bailey from Ireland. Izzie won Best Bitch with her fourth Swedish CC, making her a new SWEDISH CHAMPION, on her first try after turning two years!


Photo: Ingvild Stenby Langhelle

NO SE CH JWW-10 Mesmerizing Made In Heaven


April 27th - May 1st 2011, Norway

What a week! On Wednesday we went to a blood tracking course with the Norwegian Weimaraner Club. We had a lot of theory and at the end of the class, the dogs (five Weimaraners, one Lancashire Heeler and Izzie the Pharaoh Hound) got to try out blood tracking in the woods. Izzie did very well considering the fact that it was her first time, and I am looking forward to seeing what she can achieve in this sport with more training!


Photo: Maiken Horn Vatne


On Friday evening our Swedish Pharaoh Hound guests arrived. Lotta and Lina came with Tito and Pharin and kept us company during the weekend. On Saturday we went to a national all breed show just outside of Oslo. Izzie won Best Bitch with her 21st CC, making her a new NORWEGIAN CHAMPION! This was her first show after turning two years in March. She also won Best of Breed. The Pharaoh Hounds were judged by breed specialist Mrs. Annette Bystrup from Denmark. Congratulations to Lotta on Tito's BOS and CC!


Photo: Lina Hultman

Izzie new Norwegian champion!


Mr. Carl Gunnar Stafberg from Sweden judged the group finale and placed Izzie on a very honourable Group 4th - in a very strong group!


On Sunday morning we drove to Trøgstad, Norway, where an international lure coursing trial was held. Izzie ran a very good first heat with a pointscore of 82 points, which was the second highest Heat #1 pointscore of all the entered dogs at the trial - after a Borzoi that got 83 points.

I was also very impressed with her second heat, where she earned 80 points. The course was very tough and it really tested the dogs' stamina and endurance! Izzie won BOB with a total of 81 points and her first Norwegian LC CC!


Thank you, Lotta and Lina, for a fun and active weekend with the dogs!


April 9th 2011, Sjöbo, Sweden

On Saturday it was time for the first LC-trial of the year, in the very south of Sweden - Sjöbo! Seven Pharaoh Hounds were entered, but only five competed, which means that only one CC was awarded (if there are 6+ competitors, two CCs are awarded if they exceed the CC pointscore limit). Izzie ran two lovely runs and placed 2/5 with 76,75 points, only beaten by Taika, Siphra's Through It All, who won her final CC for her Swedish LC champion title! Huge congratulations to Eva & Emelie!


A big thank you to Emelie, Eva, Anna, Pia, Krille and Sabina for a wonderful day at the trial! See you again soon!


Photo: Krille Hedman

Ezhar Like Velvet Kiana "Kira" in blue and Izzie in red, had the honour of running the very first run of the trial. Here they are off to a very good start!


Photo: Krille Hedman

Izzie was in second place after the first run, with 75,5 points.

Thanks to Krille Hedman for the photos!


Izzie's second run, where she earned 78 points. Photo: Anna Grevin.


#1 & CC & new SLCCH Siphra's Through It All "Taika" & Emelie Andersson, #2 Mesmerizing Made In Heaven "Izzie" & I, #3 Ezhar Like Velvet Kiana "Kira" & Pia Hedman and #4 Enigma Sheer Magic "Zäta" & Anna Grevin.



March 6th 2011

Happy 2nd birthday, Isabella! Congratulations to the entire litter: Kairo, Milan, Kendi, Peni, Elvis, Meni, Mery, Peppi & Bianca! Can't believe it's been two years already :)


Photo: Simon Tien Hansen


February 22nd 2011

Great news!

Not only did Izzie end up as #1 Top Winning Pharaoh Hound bitchin Norway 2010, she also went all the way to #2 Top Winning Pharaoh Hound bitch in SWEDEN 2010 (and #3 PH in total)! Not bad at all considering the fact that she is still so young and that the Pharaoh Hound quality in Sweden is in worldclass!

Izzie was also #1 Lure Coursing Pharaoh Hound in Norway.

What a great year!


February 12th 2011, Ølen, Norway

This weekend we went on a road trip with our friends Maria (Kalo Skilo Finnish Lapphunds) and Cornelia (Blendverk's Chinese Crested) to the beautiful western coast of Norway. We showed a total of eight dogs at a national all breed show with great results.

Among the Pharaoh Hounds, Izzie was Best of Breed with her 20th CC under Mrs. Liliane De Ridder-Onghena from Belgium. The group was judged by Pharaoh Hound specialist Mrs. Eli-Marie Klepp, Norway, who placed Izzie on a nice Group 4th placement in strong competition!

Congratulations to Cornelia on winning both BOB and BOS in the CC ring with your two juniors and to Maria on winning 2 x BOB and 1 x Group-4!

With these results, the seven-hour-long drive back home didn't seem too bad, even with all the narrow, icy and curvy mountain roads.

What an adventure! :)


February 6th 2011, Exporama, Oslo

Mr. Fred Dewsbury from Canada judged the five entered Pharaoh Hounds at this national all breed show. Izzie won the bitch CC and ended up as Best Bitch and later BOS, with a lovely critique.


February 5th 2011, Exporama, Oslo

Our first show of the year! Pharaoh Hounds were judged by Mr. Leif Lehmann Jørgensen from Denmark. Izzie (Mesmerizing Made In Heaven) was Best Bitch with CC and finally BOS! In Finland litterbrother Mio (Mesmerizing Man After Midnight) was BOB and Group 4th and littersister Bianca (Mesmerizing Million Dollar Baby) BOS, both with CCs. Congratulations to breeder Ann!


Photo: Adriane Andersen

Izzie winning BOS and CC under Mr. Leif Lehmann Jørgensen