*~* P H A R A O H   H O U N D   Y E A R B O O K *~*

To all Pharaoh Hound breeders, owners & fanciers worldwide:

For several years, I have been thinking about starting a new project. I thought I would air the idea with you all to see if there is an interest and/or a need for it (obviously, I think so), because this is not a project I can do all by myself.

I would love to make a Pharaoh Hound only magazine, which is to be published once a year (every spring) with material from the preceding year, ALL IN ENGLISH. We could call it "The Pharaoh Hound Annual", "Worldwide Pharaoh Hounds", "Pharaoh Phancy" or something similar (suggestions welcome). The idea is to make a magazine for Pharaoh Hound enthusiasts around the world - to publish articles about our breed and its history, interview breeders, include reports, results & photos from Pharaoh Hound specialties, Crufts, Westminster, World Dog Shows & major lure coursing trials worldwide, collect judges' comments from specialties, include registration statistics per country, imports & exports, relevant health information, pedigrees, "Pharaoh Hound firsts" (the first PH to win an all breed BIS, the first PH in each country etc) and so on. Also, it would be a good opportunity for breeders to share litter announcements and advertise new champions and rising stars, knowing they will reach out to Pharaoh Hound people all around the globe. Maybe we could also dedicate a few pages to PHs who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. In other words, the idea is simply to collect as much Pharaoh Hound history in one place; to have an arena to document breed history for the future. Wouldn't it be cool to look up "The Pharaoh Hound Annual 2015" in twenty years and read about all the stuff that happened in our breed during 2015?

I have been the editor of the Swedish PH magazine for several years, and am currently the editor of the Norwegian Podenco magazine. However, now I feel it is time for a new and exciting challenge, and I am thinking this might be it.

So, what do you think? Is this something that you would be interested in?

Suggestions and ideas are welcome via e-mail:

Simon Tien Hansen

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