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March 17th 2018, NKK International KC Show, Kristiansand, Norway

7 PHs were shown under Kari Granaas Hansen (Norway).

Ch. Bazinga A Storm Of Swords wins BOB at the first International KC Show in Norway of the year.

He later went on to win Group 1st under Mona Selbach (Norway)!!!


Among the bitches, our wild & wonderful Bazinga Desert Dragoness "Samba" went all the way to Best Bitch and BOS with her first CC!

Best Bitch 2nd & res-CC: Bazinga Dracarys The Deathstroke "Sandy"

Best Bitch 3rd & CACIB: Bazinga Behold The Dragon's Inferno "Santana"

Storm - Group Winner at Kristiansand IDS 2018!



March 17-18th 2018, IDS Parma & IDS Reggio Emilia, Italy

Bazinga Daenerys On A Dragon Quest "Daenerys" finished her Italian Junior Championship this weekend under Mr. Ferdinando Asnaghi (Italy) with a BOB win at Parma IDS! The following day she won yet another BOB under Mrs. Costanza Mozzillo (Italy) at Reggio Emilia IDS! Huge cogratulations to proud owner Aurora De Poli in Italy!

Daenerys going BOB at the Reggio Emilia International Dog Show

March 14-18 2018, Celtic Cluster, York, PA, USA

GCH Bazinga Bardaxxa The Dragonrider "Adira" had a fantastic week in York, Pennsylvania!


In a nice line-up of Pharaoh Hounds (10-13 entries per day), Adira won 4 x BOB and 1 x BOS and 1 x Group 3 and 2 x Group 4!!!


Wednesday: Best Of Breed under Eva E. Berg.

Thursday: Best Of Breed under Elliott B. Weiss and Group 4th under Eva E. Berg

Friday: Best Of Opposite Sex under Karen A. Dumke

Saturday: Best Of Breed under Kalen M. Dumke and Group 3rd under Sharon Lyons.

Sunday: Best Of Breed under William G. Daugherty and Group 4th under Cathy Daugherty.


Huge congratulations to proud owners Jerry & Sandy Marchelletta, and a big thank you to Anna Stromberg for showing Adira to perfection!

The A-team - Anna & Adira!



March 11th 2018 - US Canine Chronicle statistics

Ch. Bazinga Caspian The Crown Prince "Cayper" is currently #1 Pharaoh Hound in the USA (breed standings through Feb 28 2018)! Huge congrats to proud owner-handler Darci Kunard! Cayper just turned 1 year old.


March 4th 2018, National All Breed Show, Letohallen, Norway

Bazinga Dracarys The Deathstroke "Sandy" wins BOS with her 2nd CC and goes all the way to Best In Show-2 JUNIOR!

Ch. Bazinga A Storm Of Swords "Storm" wins BOB and later Group-2!


Breed judge Anne Livø Buvik (Norway), group judge Branislav Rajic Bane (Slovenia) and BIS-junior judge Laurent Heinesche (Luxemburg).


February 17th 2018, NKK Bø NORDIC SHOW, Norway

Bazinga Dracarys The Deathstroke "Sandy" starts off her show career in official classes with a bang by going BEST OF BREED at the very first Nordic Show in Norway with her first CC and NORDIC CC!


Izzie and her kids Storm, Penny, Sandy & Samba went BEST IN SHOW Progeny Group!

Sandy went BOB at her first show in official classes over specials!


Izzie's progeny group going BIS!



February 16th & 18th 2018, Denver, Colorado, USA

Ch. Bazina Caspian The Crown Prince "Cayper" goes BOB at the Friday PM show in Denver with his first 5-pt Grand Championship major, and BOS with a 3-pt GCH major on Sunday!


Bazinga Copernicus The Stargazer "Copper" goes Winners Dog on Friday and Sunday, with his first AKC Championship points!


February 12th 2018, Westminster KC Dog Show, New York, USA

WHAT A DAY at one of the most prestigious dog shows in the world!


Ch. Bazinga A Storm Of Swords goes BEST OF BREED at the 142nd Westminster KC Dog Show, finishing his US show career with a bang!


Ch. Bazinga Bardaxxa The Dragonrider goes BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX with a GCH major, making her a brand new US Grand Champion!


Ch. Bazinga A Dream Of Spring For Mia goes SELECT BITCH.


Judge: Mr. Johan Becerra-Hernandez


Well done and congratulations to everyone involved! I couldn't be more pleased as a breeder!


Pics to follow.


February 11th 2018, Fredericia, Denmark

Bazinga Baratheon Of Dragonstone "Harvey" goes BEST OF BREED with a Danish CC and his very first CACIB at the International dog show in Fredericia, Denmark, under breed specialist Annette Bystrup! Way to go, Emelie & Harvey!


February 10-11th 2018, Italy

Bazinga Daenerys On A Dragon Quest "Daenerys" goes BEST OF BREED two days in a row at International dog shows in Italy! Way to go, Aurora & Daenerys!



February 2-5th 2018, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Bazinga Caspian The Crown Prince "Cayper" finished his US Champion title at 10 months of age! On Friday he went Winners Dog and Best Of Winners for a 3-point major, on Saturday he won BEST OF BREED from the classes in an entry of 13 Pharaoh Hounds for a 5-point major, and on the last day, he went BOB from the classes again for another 5-point major and finished his US Championship! Huge congratulations to proud owner Darci Kunard!


February 1-4 2018, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Ch. Bazinga Bardaxxa The Dragonrider "Adira" won Select on Thursday and Friday, and Best Of Breed on Saturday and Sunday, in Atlanta, Georgia, for new GCH points towards her GCH title! Thanks to handler Anna Strömberg, and huge congratulations to proud owners Jerry & Sandy Marchelletta!


February 3-4 2018, St. Joseph, Missouri, USA

Ch. Bazinga A Storm Of Swords "Storm" won 2 x BOB, made the cut in the group on Saturday and went Group 4th on Sunday. Thanks to handler Brian Livingston!


January 18th 2018, Brooksville, Florida, USA

Ch. Bazinga Bardaxxa The Dragonrider "Adira" wins BOB every day she was shown at the Brooksville cluster, and even went Group 3rd on Jan. 18th! Huge congratulations to the Marchelletta family!

Adira & Anna going Group 3rd in Brooksville, Florida under Mrs. Pamela Peat!


January 6th 2018, Nolan River KC, Texas, USA

Ch. Bazinga A Storm Of Swords "Storm" goes BOB & Group 2nd in Texas today, under Mr. Alberto Berrios! Thanks to Brian Livingston for handling Storm!










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