Bazinga Dracarys The Deathstroke "Sandy" wins

*** B E S T I N S H O W ***

at the PHC 50th Anniversary Championship Show and her 2nd UK CC!



*** Isla wins the GOLD MEDAL and Sansa wins the SILVER MEDAL

at the European Coursing Championship 2018! ***


~*~ Storm wins BOB at Westminster 2018, Adira wins BOS and Summer wins Select Bitch *~*

~*~ Bazinga Caspian The Crown Prince finished his US Grand Champion title at 13 months of age! ~*~

~*~ Bazinga A Dream Of Spring For Mia is #1 Pharaoh Hound in the USA 2017 (all-breed) & #15 Hound ~*~

~*~ Bazinga A Storm Of Swords wins BEST OF BREED at the AKC National Championship in Orlando ~*~

~*~Bazinga Baratheon Of Dragonstone is a new Junior World Winner 2017 ~*~

~*~ Bazinga A Dream Of Spring For Mia wins 3 x ALL BREED BEST IN SHOW in the USA ~*~

~*~ Bazinga A Dance With Dragons is a brand new EUROPEAN COURSING CHAMPION 2017 ~*~


June 25th 2018

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