Past littes

*~* P A S T B A Z I N G A L I T T E R S *~*

Bazinga Foreign Affair (exp. USA)

Bazinga Foreign Ambassador

Bazinga Flaming Star

Bazinga Forever Young

Bazinga Fields Of Gold

BIS-puppy Bazinga Flashback (exp. the Netherlands)

Bazinga Freedom Of Speech

Bazinga Fifty Shades Of Crazy (exp. Sweden)

Bazinga Englishman In New York (export USA)

Bazinga English Empress (export Sweden)

GB CH Bazinga Desert Dragoness

GB CH US CH JWW-18 SBIS Bazinga Dracarys The Deathstroke

CC-winner Bazinga Dragoness At Ezhar (exp. Sweden)

IT JCH Bazinga Daenerys On A Dragon Quest (exp. Italy)

US CH Bazinga Daisy Dragoness (exp. USA)

US CH Bazinga Dragon's Inferno At Rockn (exp. USA)

US CH US GCH DC BIF Bazinga Caspian The Crown Prince JC (exp. USA)

Bazinga Cliff The Conqueror (exp. USA)

US CH US GCH Bazinga Copernicus The Stargazer (exp. USA)

SEJW-17 CC-winner Bazinga Catniss The Girl On Fire

US CH N SE FI DK UCH JWW-17 NJW-17 HEJW-17 FIJW-17 NORDJW-17 Bazinga Baratheon Of Dragonstone RL (exp. Sweden)

Bazinga Bodacious Dragon At Rockn (exp. USA)

US GCHB RBIS Westminster BOS-18 Bazinga Bardaxxa The Dragonrider (exp. USA)

N SE DK UCH DJW-17 NJW-17 HEJW-17 FIJW-17 NORDJW-17 Bazinga Behold The Dragon's Inferno

CC-winner Bazinga Bazooka The Dragonslayer (exp. UK)



Ch. Antefa's Ultimatum x Ch. Mesmerizing Made In Heaven

DOB: 2013-03-28

2 dogs + 5 bitches


C.I.B. N SE FI DK US CH US GCH NO SE FI LCCH FI W-14-18 ECCW-15 NW-15 & -16 DKW-15 HEW-15-16-18 NORDW-16-18 SBIS BIS Bazinga A Storm Of Swords

Bazinga A Clash Of Kings

C.I.B. N SE FI DK CH N SE FI DK LCCH NW-15 ECCW-17 Bazinga A Dance With Dragons

US GCHG SBIS Multi BIS Westminster BOB -15 & -16 Bazinga A Dream Of Spring For Mia (exp. USA)

C.I.B. N SE FI EST CH FI DK LCCH FI TRCH Tallin W-15 European TRCH-15 &-17 NORD TRCH-16 World TRCH-16 HEW-16 ECCW-18 SBIS Bazinga A Song Of Ice And Fire (exp. Finland)

FI CH HEW-14 Bazinga A Feast For Crows (exp. Finland)

C.I.B. N SE FI DK CH European Coursing Ch-16 Bazinga A Game Of Thrones

Mother & Daughter - Izzie & Sansa. Photo: Simon Hansen.

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