Pharaoh Hounds

*~* O U R P H A R A O H H O U N D S *~*

C.I.B. Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish Champion

Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish & Danish Lure Coursing Champion

Junior World Winner 2010 World Winner 2011 European Coursing Champion 2011

Norwegian Winner 2013 & 2014 & 2016, Danish Veteran Winner 2017, Norwegian Veteran Winner 2017

Mesmerizing Made In Heaven

C.I.B., Danish, Norwegian, Finnish & Swedish Champion

Norwegian, Swedish & Finnish Lure Coursing Champion

Norwegian Winner 2015

European Coursing Champion 2017

Top Pharaoh Hound in Norway 2017

Qualified Courser (USA)

Bazinga A Dance With Dragons

C.I.B., Norwegian, Swedish, Danish,Finnish & American Champion, US GCH

Norwegian, Swedish & Finnish Lure Coursing Champion

Finnish Winner 2014, Norwegian Winner 2015 & 2016,

Westminster BOS 2015, Danish Winner 2015, Helsinki Winner 2015 & 2016,

European Coursing Champion 2015

Nordic Winner 2016 Qualified Courser (USA)

Top Pharaoh Hound in Norway 2014, 2015 & 2016

Bazinga A Storm of Swords

Danish Junior Winner 2017, Norwegian Junior Winner 2017,

Helsinki Junior Winner 2017, Finnish Junior Winner 2017

Nordic Junior Winner 2017

Best In Show Baby

Bazinga Behold The Dragon's Inferno

Co-owned or on breeding terms:

International, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish & Finnish Champion

European Coursing Champion 2016

Swedish Pharaoh Hound Derbywinner 2015

Bazinga A Game of Thrones

American Champion

BOS at the AKC National Championship 2017

Bazinga Bardaxxa The Dragonrider

Export USA

Swedish Junior Winner 2017

Bazinga Catniss The Girl On Fire

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