Pharaoh Hounds

*~* O U R P H A R A O H H O U N D S *~*

C.I.B. Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish Ch. Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish & Danish Lure Coursing Ch.

Junior World Winner 2010 World Winner 2011 European Coursing Ch. 2011

Norwegian Winner 2013 & 2014 & 2016, Danish Veteran Winner 2017, Norwegian Veteran Winner 2017

Mesmerizing Made In Heaven

C.I.B., Danish, Norwegian, Finnish & Swedish Champion

Norwegian, Swedish & Finnish Lure Coursing Champion

Norwegian Winner 2015

Qualified Courser (USA)

Bazinga A Dance With Dragons

C.I.B., Norwegian, Swedish, Danish,Finnish & American Champion, US GCH

Norwegian, Swedish & Finnish Lure Coursing Champion

Finnish Winner 2014, Norwegian Winner 2015 & 2016,

Westminster BOS 2015, Danish Winner 2015, Helsinki Winner 2015 & 2016,

European Coursing Champion 2015

Nordic Winner 2016 Qualified Courser (USA)

Bazinga A Storm of Swords

Danish Junior Winner 2017, Norwegian Junior Winner 2017,

Best In Show Baby

Bazinga Behold The Dragon's Inferno

Co-owned or on breeding terms:

International, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish & Finnish Champion

European Coursing Champion 2016

Swedish Pharaoh Hound Derbywinner 2015

Bazinga A Game of Thrones

American Champion

Bazinga Bardaxxa The Dragonrider

Export USA

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